Hotel Review: Motel 6 @ Whitney Field (Leominster, MA) 2 years ago

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My friend Samuel came from Western Massachusetts to visit me for a couple of days, and he chose to stay at the Motel 6, located next to Denny's at The Mall at Whitney Field, Leominster, Massachusetts.
This motel has location going for it. It's about 40 miles from Boston, you have a bunch of restaurants nearby, as well as the mall. Only challenges getting to them is the traffic. Speaking of, the parking lot is confusing. The arrows dictate traffic flow, not entry or exit. I and others chased down a non-existing exit out of here (Sam is witness to another doing the same thing).
One big problem going for this motel that was inherited from the previous owners (Souse Chalet, if I recall), are drugs and prostitution. Doesn't help that riots happen at Denny's next door once in awhile either (late night).
One thing I noticed was a large band of handicapped spaces in front of the 2nd building along one side. This had us looking for elevators, which are not in this motel. You're stuck with a lower level room in that case. This place was built before ADA laws (late 60s or very early 70s), so it's understandable.
They do have a room with everything for guests, with laundry, soda and snack machines, and ice machines. All in one room. Weird, but works. The check-in Lobby is just a small room, and being that Sam and I got dirty looks from the staff (consider the crime issues, for I understand this), so we get a sharp angle look inside from the windows.
Outside areas has a nice swimming pool. It's covered and furniture removed. It looks awful here, but when set up, it's quite nice. (there's photos elsewhere, including satellite Google Maps imagery). They also have a nice "Park" between the buildings. In the Summer, it must look really nice, plus a little work on the greenery can help a little.
Then comes the room and public areas, and downhill we go.
Later shown, the stairwells are not well kept, and they McGyver ways to keep it intact, and the signage next to Sam's room lad a leak, so they sprayed tar on the leak, never painted it. This is a sign of things to come.
The rooms were redone since a promotional video make by the company itself. Gone are the CRT televisions and green carpets, in come the flat-panels and the hardwood floors. The floors look nice, but add an echo to the room. There's no soft materials to absorb sound.
Security isn't the best, but works. The deadbolt is fine, the card reader locks work, and the security ball latch looks broken, but does the job. Could need a little work.
The HVAC was interesting. The system's control panel was dead, but on the opposing wall was a new electronic thermostat which controls it. It's interesting how the old unit was retro-fitted to work with the new thermostat, but it does work, just was unexpected. It also has a sliding window that's screwed shut, but with the HVAC unit, you don't need it, but the track could use cleaning.
Amenities are ultra-basic, but it's a low-cost motel (About $70/nt at time of recording), so it's expected. The chairs are just laminate "wood", and appear to be a joke, but are surprisingly comfortable! Looks can be deceiving