Hotel Review - Radisson Minneapolis-Bloomington 2 years ago

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Haha, well, I got a bit behind on uploading my hotel reviews, but I never thought a property would actually CLOSE before I had a chance to post my review. This property featured some pretty cool family-friendly rooms (likely due to the adjoining water park). While I found the service here was a bit hit and miss, the room itself was pretty solid. Unfortunately maintenance responded poorly to my complaint about air conditioning not working in my first room which really detracted from my overall experience. When I mentioned it was 75 degrees and very humid and that the air coming out of the vent wasn't cool, I was told that 75 was "standard room temperature" and there was nothing to fix. I gave up arguing and requested a new room (the one in this video), which thankfully had working A/C and was much better.

TripAdvisor: Well, the TripAdvisor listing is gone, as is my review.
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